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Anonymous asked: i don't know if you'll see this ever but i just wanted to say before you go that you've been one of my favourite people on here cause you're always so nice (and super cute to boot) and you'll definitely be a missed presence in my tumblr experience

Omg ily I still see messages bc they get sent to my email but yeah flolw me on Insta and twitter @jaimebutt or my snapchat is jaimelikestuffs ily go add me places

I think I’m gonna get off tumblr forever

my post about cum got so many notes amazing



*gets home covered in cum* hey mom

Why does this have so many notes

everyone getting home covered tonight

registering for classes is a scary and anxiety stricken thing

Anonymous asked: You wanna eat some ass tonite?

He’ll yeah

  • white person: howdy n-
  • me: 👀
  • white person: -eighbor
  • me: Hello white

Okay so this girl at my school looks exactly like that really hot Spanish chick from oitnb like twins it’s unreal and also I’m so lucky bc I get to see her everyday

White friend and I eating food

  • Me: hey the weather is so nice outside today huh
  • Her: yeah it is
  • Me: makes u think...
  • Her: bout what?
  • Me: why did you kill Martin Luther King Jr